Skill up : Research in Security Area

by on July 21, 2010

Kali ini skill up mengenai bagaimana melakukan research di area security, pematerinya Prof. Keith Martin dari Royal Holloway, London. Tema yang diangkat oleh paker Firewall dan Crypthography ini adalah How To Do Research In Info. Security Discipline – From Zero Product To Marketable Output, yang berlangsung di Visiting Prof Room, CSC Department, FSKSM, N28

Ada beberapa highlight yang didapat, diantaranya;

  1. Come up with an idea of your own that you would like to pursue.
  2. Be assigned a specific research problem through involvement in a large research project or industrial placement.
  3. Be assigned a specific research problem by your supervisor.
  4. Look for “open problems” or “possible future directions” at the end of other researchers’ papers.
  5. The job of the “Research Police” is to hunt down “poor research” and fix it!
  6. Most research is based on certain  assumptions, some of which you may wish to contest.
  7. Consider a research problem that has been investigated successfully, and change some problem parameters.
  8. Consider a research problem that has been investigated successfully, and explore a generalisation of it.
  9. Take an existing research problem and continue the investigation in a natural directAdopt a research technique that has been used to solve a research problem in one subject area and apply it to another subject area.
  10. Review research on a particular topic
  11. Implement some existing ideas and test them out in practice.

Ada banyak issued yang memicu ide saya setelah mengikuti kuliah umum ini, sangat membantu dalam prepare yang akan dilakukan minggu depan, yang rencananya akan masuk ke tahap pengumpulan data di real traffic network

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