[ELSEVIER] Invitation for Guest Editors for special issue , ICT Express

by on May 5, 2017

Mendapat undangan untuk menjadi Guest Editor pada special issue di ICT Express

Special Issue on “Intelligent Transportation Communication Systems”

There is a phenomenal growth of research activities in connecting vehicles, which use advanced information and communication technologies to connect vehicles with various devices (V2X), infrastructures (V2I), services (V2V), and participants (V2P). Connected vehicles have been envisioned to provide enabling key technologies to enhance transportation efficiency, reducing incidents, improving safety, and mitigating the impacts of traffic congestion.
The potential of connected vehicles has been acknowledged with the establishment of ambitious research programs
around the globe. In particular, radio spectrum has been allocated in North America, Europe, and Japan for the
edicated short range communications (DSRC) to facilitate intelligent transportation. The United States Department of
ransportation has been taking steps to mandate car makers to enable vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication
echnologies for light vehicles for a safer driving experience. Recently, we have also witnessed 5G connected vehicular successful test-bed in South Korea.