WoS Acquisition by Onex and Baring Asia

by on March 6, 2017

Sungguh mencengangkan beberapa bulan ini, dimana web of science Thomson Reuters has been sold (Acquisition by Onex and Baring Asia. kita tunggu “battle” selanjutnya antara Thomson Reuters vs ELSEVIER (SCOPUS, Mendeley, Ei, etc). Menarik, di waktu yang sama pada saat Thomson Reuters melepas WoS, ELSEVIER mengakusisi (membeli) SSRN Terlihat juga, pada halama pencarian citation index, telah muncul […]

[Call for Papers] UNSRI Conference Days 2017!

by on March 5, 2017

  IEEE Conference | 22-23 August 2017 | Palembang International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (ICECOS) – Topics: Information Technology, Computer Science, Pervasive Computing & Internet of Thing, Communications and Vehicular Technology, Power Systems, Electronics, Circuits and Control Systems   IEEE Conference | 19 – 21 September 2017 | Yogyakarta 4th International Conference […]